Oasist was founded with a simple purpose – to make safe drinking water accessible and affordable. In 2016, Oasist patented its breakthrough membrane that is more cost-effective and also recyclable for the environment.

At the core of Oasist Membrane Technology’s innovation is the invention of a composite nanoporous membrane with layered configuration to remove charged pollutants in wastewater; a) a polycationic membrane as a base layer, (b) polyzwitterion as a selective layer, and (c) polyanionic as a protective layer with anti-fouling functionality.

The resulting membrane greatly improves purification of wastewater at a high flow of permeate water to maintain high production capacity while running with lower pressure, requiring less number of membrane elements to meet the desired production rate.

oasist filtration chart nanomembrane

The developed membrane module exhibits rejection greater than 95% for divalent and trivalent heavy metal ions such as Arsenic (As), copper (Cu2+), Cadmium (Cd2+), Lead (Pb2+), and Chromium (Cr3+) at very low working pressure (less than 1.5bar or 21 psi).

The higher water permeability gives rise to the ability to increase system capacities without investing in larger pumps. It is thus possible to integrate Oasist membranes into smaller, non-electric potable water systems that are low maintenance, high performance and economical for a wide variety of industries.

Today, our technology is commercially available in the form of Oasist™ membranes for both industrial and domestic applications. Get in touch with us for enquires.

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Good quality drinking water is…

… free from impurities
… free from chemicals or disinfectants
… free from germs, viruses and bacteria
… lightly alkaline or neutral in pH
… enriched with essential minerals for the body
… oxygenated and tastes good

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