Oasist provides end-to-end water treatment solutions for a variety of industries, including municipal, energy and power, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, chemical processing, and custom engineered solutions. From treated non-potable water for manufacturing processes to the high-purity water used in pharmaceutical production, we understand that our industrial customers requires a customised approach for every site.

From feed water report analysis, detailed drawing and budgetary proposals, prototype and pilot testing, to system startup, our technicians are involved every step of the way to ensure the success of the implementation of each project.

Commercial Water Filtration Systems

From food services to hospitality industries, our multi-stage filtration technology ensures that your business provides clean, usable water for your staff and customers.

Industrial Water Treatment Systems

Oasist’s engineering expertise and technology in wastewater treatment and recycling allow our clients to save time and money. We offer a full range of solutions for disinfection, oxidation, membrane filtration, and desalination, producing high-quality water in accordance to your requirements. Get in touch to learn more about our customised solutions for chemical, textile, manufacturing industries and more.

10-ton Ultrafiltration system
3-ton Ultrafiltration system
1-ton Reverse Osmosis system




Food and Beverage