Our aim is to help people live better with our technology to access affordable and safe drinking water. Critical and precious to life, yet often taken for granted. Our philosophy is to keep our inventions effective and simple.

Multi-stage protection

Oasist uses a multi-stage, non-electric purification method consisting of active carbon and high-tech membrane filtration to reject impurities including chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria and even viruses as tiny as 0.01 microns.

Removes bacteria and virus
removes chlorine
Removes chlorine
oasist removes heavy metals
Removes heavy metals
oasist filter cartridges

Low cost, high performance

Operating at low water pressure (<20 psi) while maintaining high water flow rates, there is no need for pumps or electricity to have a glass of pure water.

No pumps or electricity
Instant clean water

Your health, our priority

Our purification process lightly alkalises the filtered water before replenishing essential minerals like calcium and potassium. This facilitates the absorption of the beneficial nutrients and balances the pH level in your body.

light alkaline water oasist
Light alkaline
Contains essential minerals

Worry-free, no frills

Every thought is put in to make our products safe, reliable and easy-to-use. You can easily maintain the home systems on your own or join our complete maintenance and cartridge replacement plans at very affordable rates.

Food safe materials
Optional maintenance plans

Sustainable and recyclable

Oasist systems eliminate the use of plastic bottles and greatly reduces the carbon footprint of bottled water delivery. Furthermore, our regular maintenance plans ensure that used filter cartridges are responsibly recycled.

Quality assured

Oasist products are manufactured to the highest safety and environmental standards guaranteeing peace of mind for your home or business.

Quality Tested and Certified
Technology Development Partners

Good quality drinking water is…

… free from impurities
… free from chemicals or disinfectants
… free from germs, viruses and bacteria
… lightly alkaline or neutral in pH
… enriched with essential minerals for the body
… oxygenated and tastes good

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