Oasist is a technology company founded with a simple purpose – to make safe drinking water accessible and affordable through improvements in water purification technology. The company currently has various business operations including provision of filtration technology for OEM, consultation for water treatment systems for industrial clients, and water purification solutions for commercial and residential premises.


Oasist patented a breakthrough membrane technology in 2016; by increasing the current ultrafiltration level of 0.01 micron to an improved 0.001 micron. This improvement enables Oasist membranes to achieve nanofiltration effectiveness at the lower cost of ultrafiltration processes.
The advance membrane filters waterborne viruses, bacteria, cysts, parasites, fungi, microbial pathogens and other suspended solids. Chlorine, heavy metals, chemical residues and odour are also effectively removed by an integrated active carbon module to produce clean, PH-balanced and better-tasting drinking water.

Our goal

Whether its at home or at work, we want our solutions to be effectively and safely integrated into our customers’ operations at all times and in any location. For us, value is achieved by working closely with the customer to find the right solution for individual needs. Personal, practical advice and smooth project management together with our deep understanding of our products to help you achieve your business goals.

Corporate Philosophy

Oasist delivers products that merge the lives and living spaces of customers around the world. Oasist strives to empower communities, its principles set in the inventive spirit of its founding team and partners. Oasist promises to carefully deliver each and every product with the best quality at a fair price.

Corporate Information

Company Name: Oasist Pte Ltd (201815310H)
Established: 2016
Address: 1001 Jalan Bukit Merah #07-10 Singapore 159455